Scooping Myself Up

So fast forward past a beautiful no Area Rug Wedding Day and on to a Hawaiian Honeymoon that was thick and lush with love and laughter and suddenly, today, I get hit with the idea to stop by the Burbank Thrift store after my oil change. I walk in, not knowing what I was looking for and Bam! There on the back wall was a beautiful, maroon area rug with bamboo on it-brand new-living room sized for the whopping price of forty buckaroos. I looked around thinking ,is anyone else seeing this? Why aren’t these things flying off the shelf? I knew I had hit the lotto. I snatched up the rug, paid, and hurried to the car before some crazy clerk chased me down proclaiming that a pricing era had been made.

Later that evening, during my meditation, I gazed lovingly at my new rug. The thought came to me, if I recognize the beauty and value of a rug, and know a good deal when I see one (scooped that thing up like a wild woman) then why do I sometimes struggle to see the value in myself? Aren't I a great deal worth scooping up?

While I recognize certain qualities about myself(I'm kind, generous ,and I make a mean Tofu scramble), I don't actively take ownership of my abiilities and character-I kind of take myself for granted, not all the time, but sometimes. I mean, why am I giving inanimate objects love, attention, and a special place in my home while nitpicking, poking and prodding myself whenever the mood strikes?

Why sit on the shelf in the back of my own heart and mind when there is so much worth here? Hmmm...I think it's time to scoop myself up.

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