Forget about the HOW and the WHEN…just get ready...

Today I had to sit myself down. Well, I was already sitting down because I was driving, but I mean like an inner spirit sit down. I had to remind myself of all the times that Yah has shown up when I least expected and filled my cup with an extra special surprise.

Like the time I received a random phone call from the producers of Don’t Forget The Lyrics requesting that I come in for an audition, the time I was standing by a producer (unbeknownst to me) at the Hollywood and Highlands night club when he decided to announce that he was looking for an African American girl Martial Artist, “I can’t find her anywhere!” He said, but there I was, randomly; standing right beside him, or the time I walked out of a Vegas elevator and my red L.L Cool J Kangol caught the eye of a man that later became my attorney and a connection that helped me book my first national commercial, land my first dance agent, and a part in the movie You Got Served.

I couldn’t have planned any of those chance encounters. So why do I sometimes have amnesia and think that I have anything to do with the HOW and WHEN something shows up?

My little self-sit-down reminded me that the only thing I’m responsible for is my preparation and my attitude. Doing what is in front of me. Nothing more nothing less. If I’m a dancer, dance…get in class. Get stronger. Strengthen my abilities. If I’m a writer…write, read, strengthen my abilities, If I’m a vocalist, sing-on key, strengthen my abilities. And most importantly maintian a peacful spirit and stellar attitude. There is nothing worse than missing an opportunity by waiting on that opportunity-looking under every rock, out of every window, screaming to the sky that you’re ready. Just live your passion so that when the opportunity does show up-and it will, you will be undeniable.

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