Being Okay With Being Okay

The other day I was driving peacefully down a lovely tree-lined street in a quiet neighborhood when my brain decided to go its own way. It started to search for thoughts and I noticed that those thoughts were not in alignment with the beauty happening all around me. So in a moment of inspiration, I made another choice. I declared: “It’s okay to be okay”.

I’ve heard it said many times that there are those of us who don’t feel like we’re living until we’ve found something to complain about, someone has called us up with traumatic news, we’ve had devastating news of our own, we’ve told someone off; etc. Life is not life unless something dramatic is happening.

What I’m learning is that it’s okay for nothing to be wrong in my personal life. It’s okay when friends call asking how my day was to say "you know what, today was a perfect day."

I use to feel compelled to down play compliments, not recognizing at the time that it was a self-destructive behavior. I use to qualify my good like “Yes, it’s a great job, but nothings perfect”. But I’ve decided that, yes it is-life is perfect no matter what the apperance is. I can live, breath, and lean into those faultless moments of time without self-sacrifice or guilt. I believe that in honoring our good, we acknowledge to God the Universe that we recognize and are grateful for the ease and grace that has been gifted to us.

It’s equally okay to be calm when there is a real world scenario threatening our peace of mind. That doesn’t mean to ignore our emotions. It means to feel them deeply with an open heart, yet choose peace anyway. To notice and then focus on the stillness, tranquility, and beauty happening in the quiet moments. And with as much sincerity as we can muster up, pour forth the vibration of “YES, I want more of this!” As I’ve said in many articles, what we focus on expands. Don’t take my word for it…test it out, I promise you won’t be sorry.

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