Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech


I know…I know. Usually you blog about books after you’ve read them and had a chance to let the details settle, but I’m enjoying the desert quietness of this classic so much that I had to invite you to the party.

I think I ran across Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech in a free book pile at a garage sale years ago. I was partial to it because of the Newbery Seal on its cover(I’m not normally partial to award winners, but this one called out). As it goes, with book pack rats like myself, my thought was that I would read it soon.

Thank the word angels that books don’t expire like milk because Walk Two Moons would have curdled years ago. I’m not sure what made me finally pick it up. Yeah, I don’t know…

But I think it may have called out again. And now, I’m in it, swept up…

Perhaps it’s the fact that our protagonist, Salamanaca Tree Hiddle, is Native, but her being Native is not the central theme of the story, maybe it’s that the story takes place during a road trip and lately I’ve been stuck at home or maybe I’m just savoring the gentle pace and non-snarky narrative. What ever the reason, I’m in it…

I hope you’ll add it to your stack of must-reads.


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