Waiting For Mama by Lee Tae-Jun illustrated by Kim Dong Seong

Waiting For Mama is the story of a Korean boy waiting for his mama at the train station. The story was originally printed in a newspaper in 1938 and has been recaptured in Bilingual, picture book form. This endearing and soothing tale maintains its tender and simplistic tone by utilizing traditional Chinese ink line and a bold display of vibrant colors. Waiting For Mama quietly guides the reader on a peaceful journey of waiting...

ANYONE who has ever waited for anything of supreme importance knows that longing can be a source of anxiety. What I love about Waiting For Mama is that our protagonist is not screaming and kicking or checking the clock every ten seconds. He asks the conductor just once, when his mama is coming. Upon being given the instruction to wait in one spot, he does just that. He stands quietly in the same spot as life goes on all around him. The train comes and goes, people breeze by and he waits. He waits quietly, completely surrendered and from what I could feel, in total trust.


At this point in my life, there are a few things that I am waiting for. I've been trying not to check the clock as life happens all around, but occasionally, I peek. Waiting For Mama is a reminder for both children and adults that if we can be still enough and patient enough, the desires of our heart eventually show up in one form or another.

Waiting For Mama can be purchased on digital platforms including http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/waiting-for-Mama?keyword=waiting+for+Mama&store=book



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