L.A Times Festival of Books...Again! Again!

The energy was tangible at the L.A Times Festival of Books on a sunny, playful, California Sunday. Families gathered around the Natural History Museum Children’s Stage and students held the high watch with bold political presentations. It was nice to see the festival full to overflowing with diversity and celebration. I met self–published authors in the children’s market like Keisha Harris

(www.alleypetesadventure.com) and Mary Brodsky (www.alwaysandforeverbooks.com) that were on fire and excited about their work. I became a client of the amazing Ari of Iseeamoose Creations (www.iseeamoose.com) and made friends with Latina author Dr. Amanda Stanford (reworkdpress.com). In my heart I wished I could read every book there-maybe goble mania speed reading will be my super power next lifetime. Looking forward to next year!

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