Creating Separation Where There is None

When we come to the planet, it is my belief, that we don’t come with the muck of judgment, condemnation, separatism, racism, fear, doubt and worry, that we inherit from the ones who came before us. Along the way, consciously and unconsciously, we get talked out of our super power to love unconditionally. We begin to believe narratives and folklore that suggest we are somehow separate from one another and from nature. We buy into an egoic belief in our own grandiosity.

Somehow, we’ve been duped into believing that the trivial matter of melanin separates us into categories we call race; categories that place one group of people above the other. While a Tulip and a Rose live side by side in peace, the “dominant” more “intelligent” humans find every reason to create separation and embrace otherness. “Yeah, but Tulips and Roses don’t pay rent, they don’t need to compete for survival”, you say, But really, neither do we. The social constructs of scarcity and lack were created by the ones before us and now persist with our participation and consent. We've signed off on a way of being that historically has not served the highest good of humanity.

For me, the daily practice of consciously recognizing the connection of all things and the mystery of life, helps me relax into being myself. Acknowledging the basic human emotions we all feel or will feel at some point in time continually cultivate a space of compassion within my heart that allows me to see myself in others, no matter what the outward appearances may be. If we bow for just a sliver of a moment to the idea that we are all created equal, it is enough to signal to the universe that we recognize the divine providence that designed our collective experience and that we are awake, aware, and ready to honor an existence that celebrates that genius. Creating separation where there is none, serves two purposes-divide and conquer. Who’s dividing and conquering and for what reason? I have thoughts on that, but…later. Most important, is that we get on with the show of loving one another and enjoying life free of separatist thinking.

IMAGE by Mihail:

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