Can We Be Brave Enough To Justify Loving?

We can all find justifications for disliking a certain type of person or for the reasons we don’t exercise understanding or when a person does this or that. But can we be brave enough justify loving and then impart that wisdom to our children who will one day inherit the earth? It’s easy to find an example of a person who talks too much, or eats too loud, or who knows it all, and so on and so forth; a person who does exactly what we can’t stand. “And this is why I don’t like this ethnic group, because they always (generalizing) do A,B,C and D.” Fine. You don’t like them/that, well, what do you like? Lord knows we humans have written the bible on what’s acceptable and pleasing in our own sight.

If your “can’t stand” walks in your front door right now and meets all of your wildest expectations on what you consider to be apropos, will you embrace them? Maybe, but probably not. Because the real issue is that it’s easier to stay stuck in our stories, to tell our stories to family and friends over and over again; to prop our royal ego up on a pedestal so that our nose is already sky-high when our lowly “subjects” approach.

However, if we “Dare Greatly”(Brene Brown) to admit to ourselves that our stories are mostly in our minds and have been concocted by perceptions, shaped by hurts, disappointments, and bias, then faulty justifications disintegrate. I believe that it’s just as easy to find equally strong examples that support our justification to love and love again the very same people we’ve found a million and one reasons to be contrary to. But how dare we disturb our own comfort and convenience. Who are we to become unstuck-to tell a new story? Shouldn’t we just do, say, and believe what others have done before us so that we don’t have to risk anything-so that the narrative remains “classic”; a best-seller?

The great law is infallible…what we focus on expands. That’s it. So if we focus on that thing, person, trait or way of being that is uncomfortable to us, we’re going to draw it in on every side until we look at what is asking to be healed within our own heart. The universe is always presenting opportunities to bring us back into alignment with its fundamental nature: Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.

So…are you brave enough to justify embracing what appears to be diverse, go out of our way to be welcoming, make an excuse to be open and available, to be loving and kind or will we stay stuck in the lowest common denominator vibration that we abhor?

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