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What Are You Willing to Unlearn?

...Procrastination, self-doubt, lack, competition, prejudice, jealousy, separation, narrow-mindedness, fear…

Agape International Spiritual Center is hosting its Annual Revelation Conference. And the theme this year is: Listen and Learn. The conference is being held at the LAX Marriott (you can also live stream). The conference features, world-renowned speakers like Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Rickie Byars Beckwith, Comedian Kyle Cease, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Panache Desai, and Dr. Sue Morter.

The conference also features soul-stirring performances and appearances by the Movement of Agape, Tim McAfee Lewis, Dr. Joy Liani Hallman and the Agape International Choir. Also there will be a selection of life changing and thought provoking workshops taught by spiritual leaders such as Rev.Joanne Coleman and Hans Christian King. For more information see the link below. - .VWnZYOeJI7A

Personally, I have decided to unlearn timidity. The interesting thing is that as a child and on into young adulthood, there was absolutely no timidity or withhold. Somewhere along the way, life dealt its mysterious hand and shyness crept in. Over the years I have been a bit annoyed by this newfound blister in my life, but this years conference has asked me to take a closer look. I’ve realized that the blessing of knowing myself in a manner that seems emotionally, spiritually, and physically foreign, is that I now have a range of experiences by which to set and reset the temperature of my life, according to the seasons of my life. The other advantage of having experienced my “being” in more than one light, is that I’ve become more flexible with my shifting moods which allows for more flexibility in my day-to-day dealings.

As I unlearn what the world says it means to be timid and create my own standard, it is clear that I have become fond of this new part of myself. Moving forward, my unlearning timidity looks like this: timidity will no longer be debilitating or unconciously used as a tool for self-sabotage. It will be a tool that proceeds my innocence when need be. I will place it in my back pocket as a trump card and hold it close to my heart as a gift.

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