Poem of the Month: Know What ya Know

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I’m okay with what I know

and learning more as I go.

That’s half the fun and joy you see,

adventure lives in mystery.

There are birds and fish and trees indeed of every different type and breed.

Whoever heard of a Sunset Moth or

A yellow light Hansa colored cloth?

Or Velvet Brush-footed Butterflies or

leaves with legs and beady eyes.

It sounds farfetched; I thought so too

But wait until it’s shown to you.

Dances, writings and sculptures complete

Remind us each day is a neat little treat.

Seasons and leaves, buggies and bees,

Flowers and powers on castles and towers

Pirates and botanist and storytellers too

Make life itself a dream come true.

So let’s you and I make a special cool deal

To live each great day with zest yummy zeal

And gaze wondrously upon life’s endless wall

We’ll find our life journey most enchanted of all.

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